diumenge, 9 d’octubre de 2016

ESO 2A attending class of English in the playground

The teacher’s role during pairwork and small group time is to rotate around the "classroom" encouraging students and helping them focus on the target language/concepts of the lesson. It is critical to the success and improvement of the students’ language skills.

In this activity, which took place last Wednesday, the students had to check some previously-made-in-class activities. Each colour team worked together not only checking their answers but reminding one another the rules (learnt in ESO 1) and explaining the solutions to their mistakes.
They all had worked these activities (word by word) last year so it was more a "remember when" activity than an "open your ears, listen this brand new point and let's do some practice".
Unfortunately not all the students have the same working/learning rythm so some of them might have had to finish their checking at home.

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