divendres, 25 de setembre de 2015

ESO 1B - Students elected CAPTAINS on Thursday 23rd

Martina got 9 votes out of 19 = Form Captain + Colour Captain 1  
Albert V. got 4 votes out of 19 = Vice-Captain + Colour Captain 2 
Mar C. and Albert B. got 1 vote each = Colour Captains 3 and 4

There were 4 null and void votes as they just read "Albert" , without specifiying if it was A.B. or A.V.

There was one missing student that day. All in all, four captains in a class of 20 students.

Next week these four captain students will have to choose their team colour  (blue, green, red or yellow)

and its members. 

NOTICE: Any captain can be dismissed for disciplinary reasons 

and/or for failing to fulfill the responsabilities s/he accepted to take.

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